8 Reasons Why Eggplant Mail Is The Best Prank By Mail!

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May 30, 2017

Want to get revenge or simply make someones day... anonymously? Of course you do, that’s why you’re here. And there are a growing number of startups giving you the opportunity to prank your friends, or enemies, completely undetected. These are prank by mail services. But we here at Eggplant Mail are changing the prank mail game by offering the purple eggplant emoji.

It’s genius, and super easy.

So without further ado, here is the best prank my mail that money can buy.

So your probably wondering, why is Eggplant Mail the best prank by mail? 

The answer is quite simple our founders wanted to create a service unlike the old services that were quirky and funny but weren't too original. 

Then they thought, the eggplant emoji was quickly becoming overused for a phallic representation and they wanted to bring the emoji back to life more then ever. So they set out to start sending anonymous eggplants around the United States. 

Eggplant Mail is just now starting to slowly roll out international shipping to bring this clever prank by mail service all around the world. Canada and the United Kingdom will be the first places to see the service expansion. 

1. Perfect Reactions

This video is a perfect example of the type of reactions Eggplant Mail gets on a daily basis. How would you react if you got a random act of eggplant in your mailbox? An eggplant is the perfect way to show your affection and funny side to your parents or loved ones. 

2. Free Shipping

Unlike many other prank by mail services, Eggplant Mail offers FREE shipping on all orders with no minimum order size. They don't hide the shipping cost at the end of the checkout like many other prank by mail services. 

Eggplant Mail: Price Cuts

3. Better Pricing Then Competitors

From the beginning the objective was too keep the price lower then the competition. This was challenging at first when the company was launched because there wasn't a steady supplier. Approximately 1 year later, the company has found a steady supplier which helped save money and in return the consumer saves money by using our services.


4. Simple 3 Step Ordering

Unlike some companies the checkout on Eggplant Mail is very straight forward and can be completed in less then 5 minutes. Where else can you send a prank by mail in just three easy steps? 


5. Superior Customer Service

Since launching in 2016, the company has greatly increased their customer service team by showing the customers they care and are always on their side! When the site was first launched, Eggplant Mailwas swamped with orders and understaffed. Since, then the company has been working on improving customer service and making sure the customer is happy! 


6. Priority Mail Included For FREE!

Not only is shipping FREE but all eggplants are shipped using USPS Priority Mail. This makes the company stand out from all the other prank by mail services. Almost all of the competition either mails using First Class Mail or charging the customer for Priority Mail.


7. Bulk Deals

Not everyone just wants to send just one eggplant and the company understands this, they implemented three new packages. You can buy a single eggplant, Buy 2 Get 1 Free or a Pack Of 5 a discounted rate. No other prank by mail company currently offers this kind of deal to their customers without hours of haggling via email to the right people.


8. Quality Of Service

No order is ever rushed at Eggplant Mail, the company has five employees that take their time and make sure every eggplant comes out correctly and as expected. If the eggplant is not delivered to the customers liking they will replace it and send another eggplant FREE of charge!


In conclusion there is 8 solid reasons why Eggplant Mail is the leader in the prank by mail service. From their affordable pricing to customer care, it makes it apparent why the company is the best prank by mail service. Why not surprise a friend or co-worker by clicking here

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