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May 23, 2017

Did you know in 2014 a 22-year-old Khiry Johnson took the stand on the syndicated daytime television show Divorce Court and accused his significant other, Erin Rodgers, of being sexually untrue. “We both have iPhones, and we both have emojis,” Johnson testified. “Now, I feel like certain emojis shouldn’t just get sent to anybody. I’m referring to emojis with the heart eyes. Blowing a heart kiss. … Even the eggplant that some people refer to as male genitalia.”

“I hadn’t heard about the eggplant,” Judge Lynn Toler interjected. “There’s an eggplant?”

“Yes. An eggplant emoji,” Johnson replied. “But it’s referred to as male genitalia … in … conversations.”

The eggplant emoji has passed the banana and has risen to become America’s dominant phallic vegetable. It wasn’t too long ago that comparing a penis to an eggplant inspired associations with horrific, intimate trauma. But now, the eggplant readily connotes a quite healthy package. The Instagram account @eggplant has posted just one innocent photo of the fruit, and amassed over 4000 tittering comments from browsers in the know.

The eggplant has become synonymous with the penis as an emoji.  Other fruits and vegetables more approximate the male anatomy but the eggplant has become the go to emoji to represent a man’s junk. The Japanese eggplant is more phallic than the aubergine eggplant.  But when sending a message written on a vegetable, the aubergine eggplant carries weight.

If you are ready to send a message with actual mass and move from the virtual world to the real world, send an eggplant in a recipients mailbox.  Choose your words carefully.  Each vegetable can only fit so many words.  We will write your message on the eggplant.

When the envelope arrives, it sits on top of the mail pile and leaves a lasting memory and impression when opened.

Since we began business, we have sent eggplants to men and women across the United States, to tell them the relationship is over, or try to break out of the friend zone.

The anonymous eggplant in the mail has begun to create a lot of buzz around the internet.  The most popular package has been two words: his and yours. “His” written on the larger vegetable.

What message can we send for you today? Send one today and receive a FREE sock with your order.

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