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Prank Mail: 10 Annoying Things You Can Actually Ship Someone

July 13, 2017

1. An Eggplant

We believe that a funny practical joke can make anyones day better. We discreetly package the phallic vegetable to ship to your friends and family via mail, in attempt to make their day.

Just give us their name and address. We will take care of the rest.

Eggplant Mail is a website that lets you anonymously send a real life eggplant in the mail. For $12.99, Eggplant Mail will send an anonymous phallic shaped eggplant to anyone in the world. 

Obviously this is the prank on this list because there is nothing better then sending eggplants...ok maybe we are a little biased. This is our site after all so we have to get a little one sided for this description.  

 2. Non-Stop Music

Never Ending Card

Most people enjoy receiving a nice, melodic card saying how much they are appreciated, but what if the music doesn't stop? The Card That Never Ends offers just that experience.

This company will send a card that will not end, making it the perfect revenge prank on friends and family. Have you received another prank? Send them this never ending card.

Available from $9.95, postage included.

3. Potato

Who the heck would want to send a potato? Apparently plenty of people because the website has been around for a long time. Yes, it is true that you can send an actual potato through the freaking mail. No box. No envelope. Just a potato and some stamps.

The service is offered by Mail a Spud and will only set you back $9.99.

4. Mayo

Also offered by is a ship bacon option . Bacon is the best thing in the world so why not send it your friends and family as a prank? We get it if you secretly send ship one of these packages to yourself, though.

5. Poop



It may not come as a surprise to most, but there is a service that delivers poop. The company is called IPoopYou. It is a San Francisco-based company that sends “high quality, farm raised, eco-friendly, hand-picked animal poop” via snail mail.

Just like flowers, you have types of poop to choose from, depending on your level of disdain and hatred. They offer a variety of poop including chicken poop, goat poop, pig poop, and cow poop. For the brutal savages, there is horse shit

6. Your Dog's Poop

Dog Poop

Instead of random poop like the service offered above, you could mail a very specific piece of shit — one forgotten by an unreasonable dog owner. That's exactly what happened in a small town in Spain.

The town decided to identify who wasn't cleaning up after their dogs and sent them the poop back by mail. 

If this isn't the most savage town in history then I don't know what is.

7. Glitter

The only thing that is worst then junk mail is getting an envelope full of Glitter. That's why a glitter bomb, thanks to, is the perfect prank.

The service is pretty self explanatory, you pay $9.99 and have them ship the glitter to your enemy. Once they pull out the letter inside the glitter bomb will be released, and you'll be left feeling a smug sense of satisfaction for anonymously striking back at your foes.

This website took off so quick that the original owner asked people to stop ordering and actually sold it for $85,000 via Flippa

8. Nothing


Want to ship something that will confuse the hell out of your friends, enemies, family, boss or co-workers for days, weeks, months, even years? Ship them nothing and watch how crazy they will go trying to figure out what it might have been or who sent it!

For as low as $3.99, while you sit at home sipping on your favorite drink, your enemy will receive a first class envelope with his name hand written on it. As he anxiously opens it, he finds nothing… yes, NOTHING! How disappointing is that?

To make things even more mysterious, the envelope is handwritten, and if you want to add extra suspense, you can order a whole fragile box filled with disappointment and emptiness.

9. Prank Candles

Prank Candles

For a mere $14.99, thanks to PrankCandles, you can send a prank candle that smells like an apple pie to begin and then turns to the smell of a fart. This prank is sure to catch your friends and family off guard.

Get Pranking!

When it comes to postal pranking there are tons of options! Whether you want to get some delayed gratification with a prank candle, or something a little more instant like a glitter bomb or actual animal poo, nothing is off limits when it comes to posting pranks.

And the best thing about it? No one will know it was you (unless you choose to reveal your identity of course). No matter how much you want to spend you will find something to send your friends and family through snail mail.

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