The Best Eggplant Mail Messages Of All-Time!

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The Best Eggplant Mail Messages Of All-Time!

June 26, 2017 3 Comments

Below we have compiled a list of message ideas, that were either very popular or our personal favorites here at Eggplant Mail. 

  • Congratulations on Graduating!
  • I love you more then words can describe
  • I sent it for the sake of Harambe
  • The chains on my mood swings just snapped.
  • Hope you have an eggstatic day
  • You a strong independent eggplant that need no man
  • Roses are red eggplants are purple. I mailed this eggplant so you don't feel down.
  • Best friends send you eggplants when you need them most
  • What do you call a eggplant wearing glasses? A spectator
  • What do you call an everyday eggplant? A commentator
  • I have my eyes on you
  • It smells like a eggplant
  • You're a great mom
  • From Mars, with love
  • XOXO
  • Happy six months
  • I like you a lot
  • Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? BC it looks like u fell on ur face
  • This eggplant kinda looks like you
  • Happy 4th Of July
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Happy Birthday, hope its eggstatic
  • Merry Christmas
  • Selena
  • Here's an eggplant
  • Happy Holidays
  • Have a good day
  • New Year New eggplant
  • I miss you, so here's an eggplant
  • I hope college is going well
  • May the force be with you
  • Librarian, the original search engine

Send Your Own Eggplant! 


If you have any other ideas feel free to comment them below.

3 Responses

Filthy Franchesca
Filthy Franchesca

November 08, 2017


Vajeha Pervez
Vajeha Pervez

August 28, 2017

Wanted to make you laugh, so here’s an eggplant with a message! :D


August 02, 2017

thank you for being an EGGcellent friend!

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