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May 22, 2017

Weather this is your first time stumbling on Eggplant Mail or you have seen it and don't fully understand the concept this article will clear up any questions you might have. 

Our founders at Eggplant Mail were always looking for a good pranks to play on their colleagues and just friends in general for an affordable price. Their was very limited options in terms of good pranks, that wasn't just a traditional Glitter Bomb or prank call. That is where Eggplant Mail was introduced, they decided to open an online 24/7 gift shop, that customer could go in and order an anonymous eggplant.

Why An Eggplant? 

Now initially when you first see the website you probably question, why in the world would someone send an anonymous eggplant? The answer to that question is very simple, the owners of Eggplant Mail discovered the eggplant emoji was becoming highly over used and wanted to bring it back to life by allow individuals to send a REAL one in the mail.

Weather your just looking for a good prank to send to your friends or want to give a friend an out of the ordinary birthday present, this is the perfect solution for you! So look no further for funny pranks because Eggplant Mail takes the cake for winning the best prank by mail.

Where Can I Order An Eggplant Mail?

Visit the product page to place your order today and get a FREE Sock with your order.

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