The Journey Of Eggplant Mail

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March 28, 2017

The reason we started the business was because the eggplant emoji has become overused. Collectively we use it too often when messaging, diluting its original meaning. By bringing the notorious eggplant emoji into the real world, we are bringing it back to life. 
We launched Eggplant Mail on in March 2016 and we've already appeared on multiple media sites such as Mashable and Cosmopolitan.
When Eggplant Mail first started we were operating out one bedroom in a traditional house. We began getting so many orders that we were getting backed up, selling out grocery stores full of eggplants. From that point forward we decided we must find a solution and that solution was to get a bigger place and find a wholesale provider of eggplants.
Demand became so heavy we had to move into a 2500 square foot warehouse to keep up with all the orders and to have enough room to store the eggplants. We also found a wholesale provider to keep up with our volume. 
In case you are confused on exactly what we do, the process is quite simple we mail an anonymous eggplant, with a personal message, anywhere in the United States. Our customers are using the phallic fruit to make up, break up and celebrate life and even ask their soul mates to prom.
The Eggplant Mail Team

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