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The Ultimate Gift Guide For 40th Birthday Gag Gifts

March 30, 2018

So someone in your life is turning forty and you are looking for some awesome gag gift ideas? This is the perfect article for you, below we have some of the best gag gifts.

1. Send Them An Eggplant. The real fun is to see their face and reaction to figuring out it's a real-life eggplant.

40th Birthday Gag Gifts

Price: $12.99


2. Make their day with a Weener Cleaner. This will sure make anyone turning forty crack up.

Weener Cleaner

Price: $9.99


3. These Emergency Underpants are perfect because once forty comes around you never know when a fart will turn into the real deal

Emergency Underpants

Price: $5.49


4. Funny 40th Birthday T-Shirt is a basic idea that anyone turning forty will absolutely love

39+ shirt

Price: $19.99


5. Know someone that doesn't like Hilary? This is the perfect toilet paper for their fortieth

Clinton Toilet Paper

Price: $5.99


Hopefully, this 40th Birthday Gag Gift guide helped you find the perfect gift for your family/friend who's birthday is approaching! 

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