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About Us

Ridiculously Funny Prank By Mail Service

We launched Eggplant Mail on in March 2016 and we've already appeared on multiple media sites and trending worldwide.
For just $11.99, we mail an anonymous eggplant, with a personal message, anywhere in the world. Our customers are using the phallic fruit to make up, break up and celebrate life. 
We started the business because the eggplant emoji has become overused. Collectively we use it too often when messaging, diluting its original meaning. By bringing the notorious eggplant emoji into the real world, we are bringing it back to life. 
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All sayings on our eggplants are user submitted, Eggplant Mail holds no liability for any orders sent out. We simply copy the user submitted text onto an eggplant! By placing an order through Eggplant Mail the customer takes full liability.

 Eggplant Mail is not responsible for eggplant consumption, as we can not control outside factors during delivery that may contaminant the eggplant.  

If we believe your message is being sent with malcontent, we have the right to disapprove your message.  If a recipient feels threatened, harassed or creeped and asks who sent the message, the sender may be revealed on a case-by-case basis.